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Can you please help, my partner and I live in a rendered and painted cottage, most of the front of the property has a beautiful virginia creeper growing and is quite well established as the main trunk is aproximately 8" in diameter.
The question is, how on earth do we paint the front of the house without damaging the plant? It would be impossible to paint between the creeper and I am not sure weather the plant would be damaged if we were to paint over some of the shoots. Do you have any suggestions?

Kind Regards - Steven



The only way you will be able to undertake painting your house is by cutting the virginia creeper right back. I believe that they are very hardy and, although it will take some time, it should grow back.

5 Mar, 2010


Hi Joy53, thank you for that, I will consider cutting it back and hope that this does the trick. - Regards - Steven

5 Mar, 2010


The Virginia Creeper climbs by attaching itself to the wall with suckers, similar to ivy. If you take the creeper off the wall you will find the wall surface is covered by masses of these suckers and will look a mess. Removing them would be well nigh impossible, I would think. Do you really have to repaint this section of wall, Steven, can you not just paint up to the stems of the Virginia Creeper.
Suckering creepers can cause problems to the fabric of a building. Our Virginia Creeper used to find its way into the roof slates and I had to cut it back every year before we got rid of it. They do look beautiful but should come with a health warning.

5 Mar, 2010


If you cut it back, try to cut no lower than 4 ft above the base of the plant. This will speed up the regrowth. A wire brush will help remove any attached attached tendrils. Good luck!

5 Mar, 2010


Welcome to GOY Steven...:>)

5 Mar, 2010


most paints today are plant and human friendly because of health and safty especialy masonry paint .i would cut back so you can see the stem and wall and paint up to the could of got a good hold of your rendering as bulbaholic sais and youl end up with a much bigger job than you realy would be worth keeping it away from the gutter as bulb sais to .it is hardy as keri sais but in your situation i would just get a happy mediam that wont realy show in 6 months or as bulb sais get rid totaly . personaly id keep it and keep on top of it.

6 Mar, 2010

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