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I bought 3 cordyline red star plants last summer, and was advised to keep them indoors for the harsh MN winter. I've kept them near open windows and a florescent light, and watered upon occasion. One of them seems it will make it, the second one seems to be struggling, and I'm afraid the third one may be past the point of no return. The third room was left in a darkened and dusty room (I wasn't aware of this- so sad) during a construction project that my husband was working on. The third one has nearly lost all of its branches. My question(s) is, once these plants are struggling and turn whitish and then have hardened brown branches, at what point is it too late? What can I do to help any (or all?) of them survive until spring? I have no previous gardening experience, so please take it easy on me. :)

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i would get them outside now and keep your eyes on them.if you can give them a slight tug and they still hold on there is hope.if you gently scrape the bark and if its wet and greenish there is hope.ive seen one of these have the top chopped of and grow new shoots from the base.

23 Feb, 2010


I appreciate the feedback, however I wanted to clarify that I live in MN and it's still a cold winter climate here. I was wondering if you still think outside is the best thing for them at this point, or do you have any other ideas for how to help them survive indoors until spring?
I'm also not sure how much more sun/water/fertilizer will help once they get to a certain point. I know this probably sounds silly, but how do I know when it's too late and I just have to buy a new one? The one looks so bad, I'm wondering how I could help it to grow new shoots from the base, as you mentioned. Otherwise, I'm afraid it doesn't have a chance, because the old branches are all gone.
Please advise,

28 Feb, 2010


ow sorry no your just going to have to cut the old stuff of and hope for the best . you can easily overfeed and these dont like being over mite of lost them but time will tell.take care bye for now.

28 Feb, 2010

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