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can i start growing a monkey tree from the limb clippings, if so how do i begin the rooting?



i dont think you can as it goes .some plants like watercress can root at ever joint or cut but as the lower branches tend to shed anyway and its such a anciant excuse my spelling (well before the dinosaurs) slow growing tree i think not.i mite be wrong though .take care bye for now

20 Feb, 2010


Noseyp is correct in that the main shoots won't root however does your tree have sprouts (epicormic) growth at the base? These shoots do have the potential to root. There are a few named clones of Araucaria araucana that are propagated like this.

20 Feb, 2010


nice to know that thanx fractal . did you know they are the most anciant types of life still alive in the same form as they were millions of years ago.also the fruits or nuts are supposed to be delicious.

20 Feb, 2010

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