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Morning All!
I'm sooooooooo excited - the cherry tree has come into blossom - and that's my wake up call, that says spring and summer really is on it's way - yeehah! I can hardly wait................!!!!!
A quick question to all you lovely helpful people out there. My vegetable patch has a quarter end which is total clay and growing anything on it last year was a waste of time. The rest of the vegetable patch is fine. What can I do to that clay area to make it more plant growing friendly? Is digging loads of fertilizer/compost in there going to make the difference? It's heavy stuff, difficult to dig too. It's only small - 2 x 3 metres only, but space is at a premium and I can't afford to allow any part of it to be nonproductive. Anyway, it's an affront to my pride and dignity!! When the rest is all producing good stuff and then you get this sad end bit..............
Thanks for your help as always.



I think growing potatoes is one of those things that is meant to improve it. but i'm not certain.
certainly digging in grit/ compost will improve the quality of it.

Hope you are going to join us properly. it is free to join. :o)

17 Feb, 2010


gosh that was quick you were as a guest when i looked. welcome to GoY.

17 Feb, 2010


I have also heard growing potatoes is a help. I don't know why though. Plenty of compost will certainly help like Seaburngirl has said.

17 Feb, 2010


the grit is good as it gives the clay drainage so your plants dont drown and you find it easier digging it over as seaburn sais .welcome to goy good luck and YIPPEE spring is on its way .

17 Feb, 2010


they're all right - horticultural grit is very good to dig in, along with as much humus rich material as you can get hold of (organic soil conditioning compost from the garden centre, leafmould, well rotted manure, anything like that). I just want to say, though, that if your tree is in blossom now, it's much more likely to be a plum than a cherry!

17 Feb, 2010

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