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By Mad

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Is it true that only one variety of Peonie is scented, a white one? If so does anyone know the name of it?



No - most cultivars have a scent, though not all.

4 Feb, 2010


in the wild the red flowers arnt scented on anything as all insects can see red as its not just a danger colour its a colour thats recognised through race breed type even plants .we humans made roses red or smell nice and only animals with colour can see colour .im full of useless information lol.

4 Feb, 2010


Thank you both.

4 Feb, 2010


P. lactiflora and P. emodi are more fragrant, and both are white flowered - P. emodi is slightly tender though.

4 Feb, 2010


your more than welcome mad xx

4 Feb, 2010


P rubra which is reddy pink is scented too.

4 Feb, 2010


come to think of it the tree paeony in my mums garden was highly scented and it was a shocking pink.

4 Feb, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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