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i think its rabbits but i was told they are poisonus?? they have stripped some of them down to the stem



Hi, are you Norstrom? I also though that laurel was toxic!

19 Dec, 2009


You think what is rabbits?

19 Dec, 2009


well i believe the saying here is (one mans meat is another mans poisen) another thing is if there very imiture leaves on some plants isnt as toxic or takes a little while to get there .i dont know if its the case but it could be .i know theres a nudebrank (UNDERWATER MARINE SNAIL) that eats portugese man of war .this jellyfish has one of the strongest poisans on the planet.girafe eat acasia trees and they are poisen but it doesnt graze for long at any one tree and eats the new shoots before the tree can send the poisen to its extrematies . the nudebrank actualy use the man of wars poisen for its own protection . poisen arrow frogs only get there poisen from the poisonas insects they eat .like i said i mite be wrong but i bet there is something that does eat it somewear .i dont know its country of oragins .anyway a little bit of usless info even if i am wrong lol happy xmas everyone x x

20 Dec, 2009


if all the eaten laeves are no higher than about "18 - 22" it almost definatly is rabbits .

20 Dec, 2009

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