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How far from the house should ash and silver birch be planted


By Jjohn

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

The roots from the silver birch reach right across our garden approx 15ft and stand proud of the lawn by an inch and a half, and is approx 30feet from house. The Ash is approx 12foot from the house.

On plant Silver birch and ash



I'd say that was far too near. How big is the ash tree??

The rule of thumb is to look at the width of the canopy and the roots will stretch that far, as well. Ash trees are potentially very large trees - and the roots are likely to damage your foundations once it gets going! Not only that - the tree will make your rooms dark and the branches will swish against the windows, too!

The silver birch is probably far enough away not to concern you.

5 Oct, 2009


Sounds to close to me and your gutters will get very full too. Where are your underground services? The one with the roots in the lawn are you sure its a silver birch?

5 Oct, 2009


General advice re tree planting is no nearer than 40 feet to a building. The Ash needs to go a.s.a.p., the Birch, well, that's up to you - depends which one you've got, but none of them are particularly small trees, think the shortest is about 30 feet in height, with probably an equivalent root spread.

5 Oct, 2009


oh my goodness
this all sounds very scary
is it a new house for you? if so im suprised nothing was said by a surveyor

x x x

5 Oct, 2009


so Bamboo the enginer from Welsh water was only 18inches more than you LOL

5 Oct, 2009

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