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Hardiest Clematis?


By Sprog

NP26, Monmouthshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi Everyone, Does anyone know which variety of Clematis I can plant over an arch in a VERY WINDY front garden. I would like to think I could get something everygreen and the bigger the flower the better. We have Montana over another arch and that does it's job but I don't want another one. Really looking for something larger.
Thanks to everyone. Sprog



I have 2 very windy gardens and i have all types of Clematis in them.
I don't think you necessarily need to worry about the windy conditions, more the soil conditions.
They'll be okay in a north position too.

Just keep their roots moist and shaded and they'll be happy in most places.

I thought the evergreen ones had smaller flowers Sprog, so you may not get the big ones you fancy on an evergreen one.

You could try 2 plants there, an evergreen and a non-evergreen and then you'd have flowers in early spring on the e/green one and later on with the other one.

13 Sep, 2009


There are lots of evergreen Clematis such as Clematis Avalanche is one with flower 3" across. Early senastion, Cirrhosa, fragrant oberon, Armandii and Armandi apple blossom, for colour Ciirrhosa Freckles, Cirrohsa Lansdown gem are a few. Wind can be a problem with any height. Firmly based and when established should be okay most will usually recover if cut back.

13 Sep, 2009


not evergreen, but, 'freckles done well for me. Also have an evergreen, 15ft, with small flowers, but with no name!!(was a rescue plant) that's a question for me to ask!

I am in td6 area, North facing at top of hill, VERY windy,

1 Jun, 2011

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