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Prob with grapevine

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

Hubby asks. Why are grapevine leaves turning yellow round the margins and some completely yellow.with blotching. This started 4 weeks ago. Other vines in neighbours garden still perfectly green. Could it be powdery mildew? We haven't sprayed. Vines are ornamental grown for shade on a south facing wall. In their 2nd year. any fruit would be a bonus




at this time of year the vine is starting to go into autumn mode. this looks like normal leaf prep prior to shedding its leaves. So I wouldnt worry.
If yours is in adrier aspect compared to neighbours then that would account for it. It doesnt look like mildew to me but i may be wrong.
welcome to GoY by the way. :o)

6 Sep, 2009


Agree - though it does look a bit like drought has got it too.

6 Sep, 2009

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