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By Jvt

Warwickshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have recently taken on half of an allotment which i am currently working on, very slowly i may add.
The guy who has the other half of the plot has put up a shed in between the two plots.
As a complete novice, is this a help to me or a hindrance? I am sure the plot did get full sun all day but obviously now there will be a good area in shade from this shed.




If your allotment site is anything like ours huts/greenhouses etc require planning permission.

OK we have a blanket cover over the site as regards planning, and it states we can only erect these at the top end of our plot

Check with your site Secretary if there is such a rule or similar on your site, then take it from there!

7 Nov, 2012


And don't fall out with your neighbour on your first day!!!!!!

7 Nov, 2012


I would look at getting your own shed as well they are an absolute must on your allotment for tools and shelter maybe you could have it at the side of your neighbours I would not worry about the light as it looks an open site and will get plenty of sun.

7 Nov, 2012


It is as it is, as Steve says you need a shed on an allotment.

7 Nov, 2012


Thank you for answering however i must point out that i have no issues with the shed, i was more interested in what crops would benefit more from the shade and the shelter?
Sorry i don't think i explained my original question very well.

7 Nov, 2012


I'm not aware of any vegetables that prefer a shady site... the sunnier the better.

8 Nov, 2012

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