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Why are flowers collapsing on zantedeschia ?

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

Flowers have started collapsing on a potted zantedeschia
I bought a couple of months ago.Flower stems are going
mushy then collapsing though the flower is not faded.These plants like water so not overwatering.I have
tried putting pot outside to see if helps.It was in a
morning sun window.

On plant Zantedeschia



Depends which one you've got though - most of them don't like dry soil, but only one relishes wet and grows in water.

23 Aug, 2009


As Bamboo says, they can be a little demanding, but with watering, the key is often a good watering and then allowing something to almost dry out. More plants are killed through overwatering than any other single cause.
I'm sitting here in 30C, looking out at the patio, where I can see two small yellow Zantesdeschia in five inch pots. They are both flourishing with good flowers, and get watered once a day (and they dry out completely by the end of the day.) If the weather was wet and cool, I'd only water them when they really need it.

23 Aug, 2009

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