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protecting palms and cordyline.

Bedfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Could you please advise me on how to protect a trachycarpus fortunei from the harsh winter. I live in dunstable and the last thre have been very severe. I have just planted one which is about three foot tall. The garden centre said it would survive minus 20. is that correct. if not what is the best way to protect. Thanks.

On plant trachycarpus fortunei



its more the growing tip thats the most vulnrable.i use some electicle tape to pull all the leaves and put some straw in the growing tip.if you want to make sure you can buy some white flease thats reusable every year and wrap up the hole plant.the trouble is water collecting in the growing tip then freezing

20 Aug, 2009


Cordylines in colder areas are usually "tied" for the winter - this involves lifting all the leaves up to the top of the plant, so they're all sticking up in a single clump beyond the growing point, then tying it in that position in 2 or 3 places, leaving like that until early spring, when the weather eases off. If its particularly cold, you can add fleece round it, but remember not to leave that in place for the whole winter, only during colder spells.
Palms are not so easy - this is not a recommended treatment for them, but they're usually hardier than you think they are. I'd use fleece over and around them when its particularly cold, if you're concerned.

20 Aug, 2009


hello is there anybody reading my answers lol

21 Aug, 2009


Sorry Nosepotter, I was busy typing my response while you were posting yours, so when I pressed Submit, yours appeared at the same time... I wouldn't have recommended the electrical tape either, so would have had to say use string anyway!

22 Aug, 2009


whatever you ever tried it ?

22 Aug, 2009


No, but it would stick to the leaves, and that I wouldn't want - string's better, its biodegradable and won't damage the plant

22 Aug, 2009


you know best ofcourse

23 Aug, 2009


Not sure about that - I know what I know - but that doesn't mean you're not allowed to believe something different, noseypotter, its difference that makes the world go round. You may not agree with me, nor I with you, but I defend to the death your right to say what you believe and stick to it - but it works the other way round too;-)

23 Aug, 2009


And apologies Alibongo - nosey and I seem to have commandeered your question;-)

23 Aug, 2009


fair play bamboo nice one and thanx and sorry.

24 Aug, 2009

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