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Strazzberies anyone?

Massachusetts, United States Us

My strazzberries are developing runners now should I just let them run or place a nearby pot under where the leaf starts to sprout so it will catch there or is this possible?



Depends on several factors.

Straws only live a few years and so its generally a good idea to take one runner off each year to keep the crop going. Make sure you take runners off healthy plants though.

As a rule, you should only bother pinning down a few of the strongest runners off a plant and pinching out the rest.

As an example. I am building up to a small strawberry field and started with 30 purchased plants. I've just finished pinning 3-4 strong runners off each plant and I'm expecting 100-120 plants next year. Its a good idea to propagate half of your crop again in runners every year to replace any dying or unprodutive plants.

Well thats just how I do it anyway. Good luck.

11 Aug, 2009

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