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I bought bamboo in Singapore 8 yrs ago and have had them in water ever since they have now grown so large its ridiculous! can I plant them in the gargen and how?


By Mak

renfrewshire, United Kingdom Gb

can I plant them in the garden and how? I dont want to lose them



please please please dont plant them in the garden unles they are in sunken pots.
I recently dug some up from a ladies garden and
oh dear god it was a nightmare.

If I was closer I would come and take some off your hands, you could try maybe selling some at carboots, or if you have a freecycle for your area put some on there for people to take away. Or even sell on ebay but please unless you want trouble later dont bury straight in the ground

x x x

11 Aug, 2009


Are we talking 'lucky bamboo' here? If so, it's only sold as a houseplant in the uk and would not survive in the open anywhere in the uk.

11 Aug, 2009


oops should have asked what type

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11 Aug, 2009

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