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Laying new turf


By Tully

United Kingdom Gb

taking up old turf and relaying new, problem i have got excisting lawn has bad drainage. How do overcome this



Hello Tully, Welcome to GOY,
Find the lowest part of the area which will take any excess surface water. Dig out a soakaway. From there make a herring bone pattern of trenches about 6 inches deep, fill in with rubble 3 inches deep, cover with a strip of polythene, use old pieces of turf to cover it, grass side down. Fork through the remaining top 3 inches, all over the area, raking off any stones etc. Tread down all over to find any dints or highspots. Water the area overhead to see if you have any highspots or puddles. Leave to dry, rake and walk again, now it should be ready to lay your new turf.

7 Aug, 2009


hello doc glad to know that thanx again for your vast knowladge.its not disimiler in theory to how i get water to all my plants in my front garden just bye placing the hose in about 4-5 perticuler places .i guess you can guess lol.i just put subtle little channals to all my plants that in turn are in slight depressions .near the pathe i litteraly just let the pathe fload as its lower than either side .hope your fealing better and your garden is flourashing which i imagine knowing you it is excuse my terrible spelling lol

7 Aug, 2009


Hi Leigh,
Yes thanks doing well now, my foreign knee is working very well, so am racing around again LOL.
The method of irrigation you describe was done in ancient times even up to the 19th. Century when ditches were dug to flood water meadows and pastures. Today in the garden I always recommend to water the ground not the air. Modern plastic hosepipes of many types are produced to make this easy and from a normal household tap it is possible to water a large garden regularly with a small computer attached, giving owners a chance to go away even in very dry weather.

7 Aug, 2009


im glad about that.i think ill keep doing it my way as it gives me yet another reasen even though i dont need one to look at my garden.your just right about watering the ground

7 Aug, 2009

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