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Cannot identify plant

lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

Unknown plant, 900mm high, seemingly of tomato type growing randomly. Stem, leaf, and purple flower similar to tomato /potato. Fruits are single, i.e. not vine clusters, tiny (10mm diameter), jet black and seeded as tomato.
A concentration is adjacent to raspberry canes fruit ignored by birds, but tastes sweet (single fruit test)
This plant is not uncommon locally, growing weed like, but no one knows what it is or if safely edible...HELP !!!! grandchildren at risk?????




it looks like deadly nightshade, Atropa bella-dona. def very poisonous so dont let the kiddies eat the very black and shiny berries.

7 Aug, 2009


The leaf shape looks like deadly nightshade to me but the flowers should be the giveaway...are they purple inside and bell-shaped? There are a large number of members of the nightshade family, including black nightshade, and most of them are poisonous, but a few things which are edible, such as the garden huckleberry.
But I would certainly not risk eating or even tasting this and you should keep it out of reach of any children.

7 Aug, 2009


you can see fruits forming in the top left of the photo and this looks so like atropa bella-donna.

7 Aug, 2009


I agree SBG not something to let any child near... we have it growing through a hedge near us

7 Aug, 2009


I can't believe he has tried one!!!

No reply back yet......

7 Aug, 2009


Oh no... you don't think...

8 Aug, 2009


Looked at his profile and former occupant of property was a horticultural lecturer. This is just the sort of plant he would have to educate people.

Actually a bit worried for him now too. Only this post it would seem from him also.

9 Aug, 2009


Well hopefully he is just in hospital...

9 Aug, 2009


....and not his last!

9 Aug, 2009


Thank you all for your concern. I am very glad to say that silence was far!!
Garden is now purged to surface level and anti root activities planned very soon.
Ingested berry after tongue / lip test in the best tradition of British bushcraft.
Pleased to report that heart murmur no worse, arthritis somewhat easier, hernias very comfortable and ......... best not go there!!!
Thanks everyone

11 Aug, 2009


Glad to read that you are okay Gudturnz... You'll be avoiding eating any unidentified berries from now on I hope :-)

11 Aug, 2009


Very glad to hear of your 'resurrection', Gudturnz.
You have more courage than me, as I felt ill, probably psychosomatically, for about an hour after tasting some kind of physalis berry (under ripe) grown from seed of unknown origin.

12 Aug, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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