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No bees, will wasps do?

Massachusetts, United States Us

Now I havent seen any bees around all year but just lately I started seeing wasps around my flowers> Do they do the same thing as the bees or should I try to get rid of? they dont bother me as they are usually gone for the day by the time I go out to water.



wasps do a fantastic job in eating pests so dont get rid of them. If they are visiting flowers they will still transfer pollen even if unwittingly.

4 Aug, 2009


wasps are scary... but clever too
was watching one on Sunday!!

felt a bit bad after for not liking them

x x

4 Aug, 2009


Lovegreen as SBG says the wasps will pollenate and also eat pests... they are an asset in the garden so long as they don't decide to build a nest

4 Aug, 2009


i dont think that I have a nest on my porch but it has to be somewhere close, either that one lonely wasp flew far from home to find food and found my garden and brought back friends, but not likely. I heard they dont travel far from home, but it doesntmatter they dont bother me as I've said I dont go to water until after it cools down in the evening so they are not around to bother me but thanks sbg ans moon grower I'll leave them

4 Aug, 2009


I was horrified to learn recently, that ALL the honey bees that we see in the garden in UK, are from hives. THERE IS NOT A SINGLE WILD HONEY BEE LEFT IN UK!!!!!
Logically, if you are a gardener, you have plenty of flowers, so if you are NOT seeing bees, then there is nobody close by with a hive. That's bad for you and everyone else in your area.
I suggest contacting a local community group to see if they can arrange for a keeper to place a hive in your area.
Myself, I have had bees all year, and plenty of them too, although I do notice that different species fly in at different times of day on a regular basis, and this does not seem to change. Strange, as I do not remember seeing this as a child.
Don't worry about wasps. My brother has three nests in his front garden, and they have given up counting in the back garden. Just the old willow trunk has three in it!!!!
Mind you, his plot is full of wild flowers and self-seeding gems. Maybe that has something to do with it. Oh yes, and he never waters or uses fetilizers of any sort.
Let nature do it's thing, and most times there will be rewards.
There again, us gardeners have the fiddliest fingers of all humans, so what do we know really?

4 Aug, 2009


Just today,I am about to receive my first nucleus of bees.
My daughter has three hives ( a few miles away) and was asked to collect a swarm from someone's garden yesterday.

We have just finished making up the DIY hive , bought from 'Thorn's 'but did not expect bees until possibly next spring ,so I count myself very lucky and hope they will be happy to stay in MY garden.
I shall not be caring for the bees myself but how nice to know that the pollination problem will be solved ( for me anyway !)

4 Aug, 2009


Where do you live? I live in Norfolk and the garden has been over-run with bumblebees and a few honeybees.

Try borage. Works a charm for me. Thyme also seems to work well.

Burgundy: techincally speaking, all honeybees are wild.

4 Aug, 2009


well, I'm from MA, USA and bertiefox did say there has been a colony collapse but as unusual a wasp is, it is interesting to watch flying from flower to flower.

4 Aug, 2009

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