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Scotch bonnet chilli plant

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I'm growing a scotch bonnet chlli plant in my kitchen and it's growing like mad with lots of flowers.

my question is that the flowers are dropping off nad dying, without growing into chillis.

Can someone tell me why and how I remedy the problem?




Hi There, I had exactly the same problem last year, I am no expert but I was told to polenate the flowers as soon as they open by brushing the inside of the flowers with a small soft item (I use a piece of rabbit fur) going from one flower to the other, I assume it is because of no insects to do it naturally, ie bees in the house, anyway it worked for me and this year apart from a few they all turned into fruits, I am sure there may be other reasons as well

Good Luck Fishlurcher

26 Jul, 2009


Scots Bonnet like it hot!
Keep out of draughts. Don't overwater. Don't underwater.
These are my favourite chillies. They are boiling hot (so use with care) with a fruity flavour. Once they turn red, the longer you leave them on the plant the hotter they become.
I pick mine just before they spontaneously combust ;-)

29 Jul, 2009

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