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Can I cut a branch off and repot it?

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over the years my plant has grown quite tall. It is all stem with a head of leaves. It has one branch thick and healthy with leaves which are getting heavy to hang off the side. I have pinched it out a couple of times but it is still sprouting new leaves. Can I remove the branch and repot it without killing the branch and main plant?

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Not a good idea to remove a branch with sprouting new leaves. It will not take lightly to that. Usually, when propagating you do a stick, branch or leaf with as little foliage as possible, as that will take a lot outof the plant. It needs to put all its energy into the rootforming, so usually we cut bits off the leaf ( like begonia for instance ), cut back branches and leave one or two nodules on, from which it will sprout again. I don't think the plant as you have it will suffer if you prune it and cut it back, but its best to take a picture and show us here. Is it an indoor plant in your area? Then perhaps best get some advice from your local nursery. Mine is a tree outside in the garden.

23 Jul, 2009


Depends what you mean by Umbrella Plant - I have what's commonly known as a Parasol or Umbrella plant (Heptapleurum), but there is also Cyperus and Schefflera - both also known as umbrella plant or tree. If you've got the one I've got, I can tell you what to do with that - I chop the tops off, about 8 inches of stem, remove the lower leaves, stick them in a bottle of water and wait till the roots are big enough to pot up, then get rid of the main plant, or give it away and just grow the newly rooted one. I've had the same plant, technically, for 20 years... Best done in the spring, though.

23 Jul, 2009


God, what an idiot I am - I've just noticed you put a picture of the plant on here! It IS a Heptapleurum, which means you can do what I do, but I've never tried it this time of year, always in the spring. Up to you if you want to chance it now - it might work, but it definitely will in the spring. Looks pretty ghastly, I'd cut the long branch off at the base now and keep the top 6/8 inches and give it a shot - if you want another plant, otherwise just chop it off.

23 Jul, 2009


Thank you for your reply. I have now included 3 photographs to go with my question.

23 Jul, 2009

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