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Would it be ok to grow a Euculyptus tress in my front garden, about 5ft from front of my house, ie would roots become a problem for the foundations of my older house that was built in 1860?



Unless you plan to keep the tree reduced to 6-8 feet tall, i'd be very concerned. They can easily reach 80 feet tall and they get there very very quickly. I certainly wouldn't do it.

3 Oct, 2012


Not something I would recommend either for the reasons Andy has given.

3 Oct, 2012


I had to have ours cut down, I kept it well pruned until I was ill and it just raced away.

3 Oct, 2012


unless you have acers of garden ofcourse there one of the tallest growing type of trees on the planet and as said they do it quickly . also grown trees have a tendancy to blow over a lot more than most trees .

4 Oct, 2012

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