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PHYOPSIS is handwritten in capital letters on a label I found in the garden today. Has anyone heard of this plant? Could it be P.hyopsis and I don't know what the P stands for? I can't find any trace on google or in my books for anything near that name. The label was close to three plants, so not sure to which it refers. All help welcome. Thanks, Ann



If its handwritten, maybe its a short form or a misspelling - Phaleanopsis is about the closest I can think of, but that's a houseplant. You might need to post photos of the 3 plants it was near for ID if you think the label is related to one of those!

2 Oct, 2012


Are you sure that the third letter is a Y and not U?
There is a genus Phuopsis, eg P. stylosa. Try looking that up and see if it makes sense.

2 Oct, 2012


Or perhaps Phyliopsis in which case it should have X Phyliopsis and a varietal name after it like Coppelia for example.

2 Oct, 2012


I agree with Bulbaholic . . . I hadn't heard of this plant until a friend gave me one from her garden. She hadn't heard of it either(!) until we went to Beth Chatto's garden and picked up a catalogue. There it is, PHUOPSIS! A deepish pink spreader, with smallish, rounded flowers - does that match yours Ann?

2 Oct, 2012


Well done everyone. You are a brilliant lot. Looked up Phuopsis stylosa and there it is - my plant to a T. The lady who wrote the label was very elderly and must have misspelt it by mistake. She was a real plantswoman and I have inherited a very interesting garden. Thanks, Ann

2 Oct, 2012

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