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I was a member of gardenersclick till it went off line last month,any other ex members out there?



Yep, me - have sent you a PM, but there is also a Facebook page called Friends of Gardener's Click, if you have a faceache account!

2 Oct, 2012


Tried it, cant get it for some reason.not very good on these magic machines.

2 Oct, 2012


I just tried to log in on there as I hadn't heard it had gone to let my 70 odd Tomato growers club members know I was setting it up on facebook But i cant do that now hey ho

11 Oct, 2012


Yes I was shocked when we came home from 5 days away and found I'd lost contact with my GC pals. I've just joined this site and found Star is on here. I am in contact with another member but she can't get on the site Bean Stew is trying to set up and niether can I. I'm not too clever at these forums and I havn't got a clue what I'm doing but I'll have a go.

11 Oct, 2012


Bamboo ur on f.b .. so am I and some others on here .. see if u can find me .. Christina newton ...

11 Oct, 2012


Soz ment too say this is theeee best site ever ....

11 Oct, 2012


Faceache you mean Cristina, what a pain in the proverbial that is. My gmail is constantly crammed with a flood of messages daily, drives me up the bloomin' wall...

12 Oct, 2012


Ex GC members are now at:
Would love to see ex GC members or new members, all welcome!!

19 Oct, 2012


Hi Colin hetty here.. the new site is fab! You must keep trying to find it as all your GC friends are there..

20 Oct, 2012


Colin this is the link. I typed 'gardenclickers' into my browser and the site came up

Failing that do you have an email address? or could I send you a text? we will get you on the site one way or another!!!!

20 Oct, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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