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Willow trees

Suffolk., United Kingdom Gb

My sis-in-law can grow beautiful willow trees from cuttings off of hers but several people have told me to avoid planting them in my garden as the roots get out of control & can cause problems for nearby buildings is this true?



If you planted a willow tree too near to a building, yes, the roots would indeed damage the foundations, but then, so would any other tree!

The worst one for this is the beautiful Weeping Willow...people don't understand that it gets really big, plant it close to their houses and the roots spread out...then it's too late.

19 Jul, 2009


what happens is if it gets dry the roots take all the moisture out of the soil under your haouse making it shrink and as the roots spread at least as far as the top bit you can imagine what happens.

19 Jul, 2009


yes it is true

19 Jul, 2009


my garden in a fairly big garden but nothing compared to some that i have seen on this site, will the willow tree survive if i was to have it in a very large pot? If not i will have to just admire my sis-in-laws. x

20 Jul, 2009


i know what you could do get a very deep bucket thats made of nylon .cut some drainage goles in the bottem so its like a big flower pot.bury it completly.plant it as far away as you can.keep it cut back to say 6 feet and you effectivly bonzi it.bonzi dont have to be tiny there just more managable very small.

20 Jul, 2009


You haven't actually told us what type of Willow tree it is, Mummal...if it is a large species, than I wouldn't plant one. Could you post a photo of it, do you think?

20 Jul, 2009


you can bonzi any tree spritz not trying to wee in your bonfire but you will have to keep it cut back.look into bonzi trees ,you can have mediam size ones not just tiny ones .the willow would look brilliant adult looking but only about 6 feet tall just take more work than normal .

21 Jul, 2009

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