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What type of orchid is this & how do i look after it?

Suffolk., United Kingdom Gb

This was bought as a birthday present for me but came with no info on what it was or how to look after it. I know it's an orchid & that i shouldn't over water it or plant it into normal soil but that's about it. Could any one help.
Thanks in advance. x




That is a Moth Orchid, a Phalaenopsis. You are right, it needs a special compost, which it must be in at the moment. You shouldn't need to repot it, though.

Keep it in a warm and light position, but not in direct sun. Water sparingly, let the water run through and never leave it standing in water, or the roots will rot. Feed it about monthly with special orchid food (from your Garden Centre).

When the last flower drops off, cut the stem back to just above the bottom 'node' which is the little flap on the stem.

Then it should produce a new stem, either from the old one, or from between the leaves.

They flower and flower! Wonderful plants! Good luck with yours.

19 Jul, 2009


The only point I would add to Spritzhenry's very clear info is that if you are in a hard water area use rain water

19 Jul, 2009


i have had one in flower for 9 months now. and apart from watering and dead heading it has been trouble free. and i have never got to cutting back the stem as new extensions come from the end of the flowering stem. hopefully i can get to prune it soon.

19 Jul, 2009


Thank u for all your helpful info. x

20 Jul, 2009

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