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My Grapevine Looks I'll


By Janbach

United Kingdom Gb

What look's like mildew as attacked my fruits & leaves
please help? it is in semi shade in the green house



Buy a fungicide spray that treats mildew and which is safe to use on food plants, if you intend to consume any grapes produced. Increase the ventilation in the greenhouse if possible - damp, warm, still air will aggravate the problem.

13 Jul, 2009


Thank's bamboo, Will any fungicide work.? Been down the local plant centre.They have so many, i ended up with none, Which one would you go for ?

13 Jul, 2009


The one I prefer won't be any good for a food plant, I'm afraid - I always use Roseclear 3, treats aphids as well, but it is systemic. Ask the staff for assistance if you're not sure - one thing I will say though is that bottles you mix up yourself in your own sprayer are usually more effective than ready made sprays.

13 Jul, 2009

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