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how to display a pagoda

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my sister has bought a 5ft garden pagoda, she has dispayed it in the centre of her gatden, with abot a 3ft square surround , her theme is japenese, can you please give ideas on how to dress round the botton of it, she has pebbles and is going to put spot lights, but i feel she needs some plants, any ideas




Well interestingly, japanese gardens have more pebbles than anything else, usually, with just a few plants which are often cherries or acers and bamboos, and the pebbles/gravel (usually very pale coloured or white) is raked and swirled into designs regularly.

12 Jul, 2009


I think what your sister has done looks great and plants would actually detract from the effect. As Bamboo says Japanese gardens actually have very little in the way of plants in them so if that is the style she is trying to create...

12 Jul, 2009


maybe a water feacture and some big to huge rocks.i know there a bit pricey but have you sean those seats at the garden centres made out of 3 boulders .there minimulistic and as they are millions of years old will last

12 Jul, 2009

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