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Unusual but reliable/easy tomato varieties


By Johnm

United Kingdom Gb

Has anyone any experience of growing unusual varieties. We're looking to grow a range of toms next year on our school allotment/greenhouses with a view to holding a taste-teste competition next year. Your recommendations would prove useful



There is a whole range of colours, including yellow, pink, 'black' (very dark red) and even white and green. Ones I find are good are :
1. Tigerella... green stripes on a red tomato.
2. Yellow Brandywine and Red Brandywine, both excellent for taste
3. Super Marzano, very large Italian plum type
For best taste, the best known is Gardeners' Delight, a small round red tomato, and Sungold, an F1 hybrid, but reputed to be one of the sweetest (I'd agree) which is gold coloured.
I find St Pierre a really good French variety for general large tomatoes with good taste.
Thompson and Morgan do a wide range of heritage and other types, but if you look for Graines Baumaux on line, this French supplier has a huge range of varieties. (And you can order just like with a UK supplier, though you'd have to pay with credit card which costs a bit more when converted to euros) The other supplier we found very useful was Seeds of Italy.

12 Jul, 2009


Thank you Bertie for your advice! What an excellent source of seed Graines Baumaux is. I look forward to browsing their lists at length.

12 Jul, 2009


I have grown banana cream and lemon tree both old varieties of yellow toms, as well as winter grape a late fruit of rich red colour. I have also grow tigerella.
I like sungold for a cherry and favourite for flavour is ailsa craig an oldish variety of a decent salad tomato.

12 Jul, 2009

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