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How do I revieve a nearly dead FIG

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I am addicted to buying nearly dead plants. I have recently purchased a fig plant from Morrisons that was totaly dried out. I have had it soaking in a bucked of warter but the leaves are crisp. It has been pruned to 7 leaves already and has small fruitlets on it. Should I take the leaves off and prune it further. Or should I keep it in the greenhouse and see what happens.




take of all the obviously dead or dying bits and plenty of tlc

12 Jul, 2009


I can see a healthy-looking bud there and a good green stem so I'd keep that; just take off dead leaves and branches. Mine gets chopped back a lot and is lovely.

12 Jul, 2009


Many trees and shrubs have amazing powers of recovery. It may take some time but keeping it in your greenhouse is the best plan. You need to be careful not to kill it off completely by overwatering, but allow it sufficient moisture to keep it alive. May take some time, but if the main trunk is alive it should make new buds.
Don't plant it out until next spring at the earliest.

12 Jul, 2009

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