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What has happened to my new hydrangea paniculata?


By Geoffo

Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

I bought a new 'Vanille-Fraise' hydrangea about 3 weeks ago. I've noticed that the leaves have become brown and shrivelled, and look as if they might die. The white 'heads' however still look healthy. I planted it about 18" from a wall and used rose/shrub compost and bonemeal in the backfill. It looks like it need water, but I have been giving it plenty. Maybe it hasn't liked the recent heatwave, or perhaps I've planted it too close to the wall. Any suggestions?




It is too close to the wall, first off, and yes, it does look like drought. However, it could also be strong sunlight - hydrangeas like a bit of shade, and as this is a young plant, it won't tolerate the bright sun we've been having so well.

5 Jul, 2009

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