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apple trees not keeping their fruit, why ?


By Tonymac

United Kingdom Gb

I have 4 small dwarf apple trees of different varities. They all came into blossom at around the same time and all looked to be healthy. Plenty of blossom, plenty of leaves, however, on 3 of them most of the apples have fallen off before they have really started to grow....what am I doing wrong ? They get watered everyday when there isn't rain. They all received some manure (from the garden centre) during the spring. Should I be feeding them with something, and if so, with what ?
All trees are planted in the ground NOT in pots. I dug garden centre manure into the ground before planting the trees.



They may not have been pollinated, maybe it was cold when they flowered and the bees were not active.Are they in the ground or in pots? Pot grown plants can be too dry to set much fruit.

9 Jul, 2009

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