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Will my Cabbage, brocoli & sprouts ravaged by caterpillers re-grow

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The leaves on my cabbage brocali and sprouts were eaten by caterpillars. I removed them all and have now treated them. Will they re-grow?



I suppose it depends on whether the growing tips were might get some growth, but whether there's enough to make a meal is doubtful.

If you sprayed them with insecticide, I wouldn't eat them anyway!

25 Jun, 2009


hi there, the same happened to my brocolli. i just cut off the leaves that were affected and fed them, and waited. There is a great spray called "bug clear" that you can get from wilkos and you can spray and eat the same day. My tomatoes were infested, but one spray gets rid of them. try it! give them a bit of time and they will be fine i think, unless as previous poster said the growing tips are gone.

25 Jun, 2009

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