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Mango Tree and Fruit (Mangifera indica)

Mango Tree and  Fruit (Mangifera indica) (Mango (Mangifera indica))

This mango tree was enjoying the very hot and horribly humid weather at Sea World San Diego. Photo taken July 11, 2018.

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Wow thats huge hope you enjoyed your self at sea world .

14 Jul, 2018


It was loaded with fruit. I took the photo during the evening, so it appears dark.

I had an excellent time at Sea World! It was just way too hot and humid for me! UGH! It's typically cooler because it's right on Mission Bay.

15 Jul, 2018


Yes I can see all the fruit hanging in the photo Andy.

At least you went where it was cooler by the sea its the same here hot n rain for ages now yet my son said some areas have had monsoons.

15 Jul, 2018


It wasn't cooler. lol! With the heat index, it felt like 95ºF (35ºC) :>((

I usually am not so concerned about the actual temp as I am concerned about the heat index...because, that's what it feels like to the human body.

16 Jul, 2018


That s what it is like here so I can understand you not liking the heat.

I thought you said it was cooler by the bay

16 Jul, 2018


It's typically cooler by the bay; however, it can still get very hot and humid, especially when the bay water temp is close to 80ºF (27ºC), which it is right now.

16 Jul, 2018


That's why I thought you would be cooler lol I can imagine how hot it is there for you going by the we are having heat here. I see Hawaii volcano has gone up again.

16 Jul, 2018


Here,we've been in a pleasant 80H 60L(27C,16C LOW) rut. Day after day. I Like it. Best weather of the year. I really got to re pot somethings..others need pruning.

16 Jul, 2018


It's been pretty much upper 80's and lows in the upper 60's and low 70's here. It's the "July Fry".

16 Jul, 2018


After that blowtorch weather you had upper 80's is reasonable.
I like warm Andy- Hawaii like warm...but once its pushing 90f? too hot. Over that is just hide in the shade!

17 Jul, 2018


Oh yeah! That weather was so HORRIBLE! It was so extremely HOT and HUMID! It's starting again today with the strong monsoonal flow. It's not going to be as hot, just extremely humid, with this south-easterly flow.

When we had that horrible heat wave the temps were in the 80's and 90's at 1 and 2 am...many cities in San Diego County had low in the 80's! UGH! (not talking about the deserts, either).

17 Jul, 2018


The weather cast has not changed here. 80 and 60 for the duration of the forecasts. Perfect and great after this years cold spring.

17 Jul, 2018


Some things are moving Andy that waited for so long...The Pandanus new growth is a nice green and near corkscrew. It hasn't added much height- maybe I hoped for too much too soon.
Plumeria obtusa..Had a rough time this winter. I should plant it and sink or swim. Cant find a decent spot in ground.
Pink Guava..finally fruiting again. Same for the banana. Only instead of the huge bunch 2 years ago,I'm getting like 1/4 that. I wonder if gophers got to the roots in spring? It only now looks good.

18 Jul, 2018


We had a lot of cool weather in spring, also. My papayas are finally starting to really take off. My Maradol, Red Caribbean and Thai Dwarf papayas seedling are finally really growing. I finally see papaya flowers on my Red Caribbean and Thai Dwarf papaya trees.

Have you gotten the Thai Dwarf seeds to sprout?

18 Jul, 2018


I only got two..and they are slow going at 3". I just moved them out of full sun to part sun. Being in pots might not be up to mid summer sun.
Before with Papaya's I didn't get the urge to plant them Andy until winters gloom got to me-lol. Then they would grow very slow on the windowsill until spring..then by summer they were in the 6"+ range. These Thai now seem to be ready to get going.
My Mango tree's look like somebody who know's what their doing now. Very good color and yes more-lol- those panicles Andy are now looking very colorful with red stems. I have to post photos later.
All these other years,those panicles were ham fisted in shape. Now,look more typical Mango.
I cant explain the old look..but when I post you can see one that's the old way..and the newest panicle with pea sized fruit while the first blooms have 3" fruit on them waiting for September.

18 Jul, 2018


My Papayas were growing slowly during the cool weather. Now, they're all starting to take off. I'll post pics of all the Maradols, Red Caribbean and Thai Dwarf seedlings soon. There's hundreds. I have them popping up all over the yard, too. LOL!

Glad to hear your mango tree is growing well! :>)) I look forward to seeing all the mango pics, when they're all ripe. My little mango tree is putting out a lot of growth now. It should really get going next week. We're expecting sizzling hot temps for most of next week! UGH! Yuck!

21 Jul, 2018

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This photo is of species Mango (Mangifera indica).

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