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The Gardener`s Hymn.


By numbty


All thing`s bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All thing`s wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

But what we never mention,
although gardeners know it`s true,
Is when he made the goodies,
He made the baddies too.

All things spray and swattable,
disasters great and small,
All things Paraquatable,the
Lord God made them all.

The greenfly on the roses,the
maggots in the peas,
Manure that fills our noses,
He also gave us these

The fungus on the goosegogs,
the club root on the greens,
The slugs that eat the lettuce,
and chew the aubergines.

The drought that kills the Fuchsias,
the frost that nips the buds.
The rain that drowns the seedlings,
the blight that hits the spuds.

The midges and mosquitoes,
the nettles and the weeds,
The pigeons in the green stuff,
the sparrows on the seeds.

The fly that gets the carrots,
the wasp that eat the plums.
How black the gardener`s outlook,
though green may be his thumbs.

But still we gardeners labor,
midst vegetables and flowers,
And pray what hits our neighbors`
Will somehow bypass ours.

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That is brilliant Numpty, I was singing along here, love it, lol.
Added to my favs..

28 Feb, 2012


Thank you Lin,thought I could hear you Lol..... glad you liked it...

28 Feb, 2012


I`ve always liked the hymn since I was a little`un in school, got lots of new verses to learn now, lol..

28 Feb, 2012



28 Feb, 2012


That's good, Numbty, but now I can't get the tune out of my head!

28 Feb, 2012


Oh no, that`s annoying when you can`t shake off a tune,sorry Oji !

28 Feb, 2012


Love it Numbty , gone to my faves too .
Lincslass , it was the first one I learnt at school too . I remember the teacher well .

28 Feb, 2012


I think it`s the kind of tune that makes us remember memories from our school day`s.....

28 Feb, 2012


I forgive you, Numbty. It was worth it for the poem.

28 Feb, 2012


Ah,bless ya thanks x

28 Feb, 2012


Excellent Numbty!

28 Feb, 2012


Brilliant, its gone to favourites.

28 Feb, 2012


Thank you,Stroller.

28 Feb, 2012


lol ... So true :o)

28 Feb, 2012


Did you hear about the old chap working in his once neglected garden when the vicar looked over the wall. "My, you and the Lord together have made a wonderful garden" said the vicar. "Ah yes, mebbee", said the man, "But you should just have seen it when the Lord had it to himself!".

28 Feb, 2012


Brilliant Lol, love it .....

28 Feb, 2012


lol Steragram :o)

28 Feb, 2012

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