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By numbty


Twas the night before Christmas when all through the garden,The air became still and earth started to harden.The tools were all hung in the shed at long last,
The time for the hoe and the rakes it was past.
The gardener,his wife and there two little nippers
Were tucked up in bed having shed gowns and slippers,
The gardener dreamed of a New Year to savour
With brilliant flowers and veg with good flavour
His wife,although grateful for all his hard work,
Had dreams that were different-in her mind there lurked
A hope for a New Year of gentler pursuits,of shopping,relaxing a new pair of boots.
The children,regardless of both parents `schemes,
Saw Xboxes,iPods and phones in there dreams.
A flurry of flakes in a brisk,short,sharp shower
Came down the house chimney
and fell flop in the grate;
Mum sat up quite swiftly,but not so her mate.
`Did you hear that, my angel?`quite softly she said,
Dad pulled up the duvet,turned over in bed
And said `It`s just the soot,love,of that I`ve no doubt;
I`ll get up in the morning and sweep it all out."
The gardener awoke at the first sign of day;
There were Brussels to pick and spuds over the way
In his shed where her present sat waiting for wrapping;
He`d better look sharp and not be caught napping.
On this Christmas morn our keen gardener he smiled,
On his face the expression of any small child.
A grin and a chuckle,well what a delight;
Not what he expected but a light now so bright.
That he`d find spuds and parsnips and sprouts in his shed without need for miner`s lamp strapped to his.
Head.he wrapped up her parcel (hoping she`d like the boots).Loaded veg in the trug basket sprouts,taters,and roots.To be greeted by children playing there part and making there mum a large mug of tea `Do you want one dad?Look,he`s been!Can you see?
The Xbox for Freddie,the iPhone for Clair,
but as they dig deeper there`s something else there;
A few packets of seeds,books on flowers and birds,
For Santa had listened to their dad`s wise words.
They`ll come round to using them once spring arrives,
When he shows them how they can live happier lives
Surrounded by nature,by flowers and trees
As well as Nintendo`s and gadgets like these.
So perhaps just for one day he`ll sit in his chair;
Watch the Queen on TV and eat more than his share.
So gardeners everywhere,this Christmastide;
May your days be relaxing,your onions untied
May your sprouts remain firm and your spuds be well roasted,and there by the fire,your cold feet can be toasted.Dispense with the wellies,the fork,and the hoe,
Til your back is well rested and your cheeks are aglow.
`Here`s to you!is the toast made in gin,wine or beer;
Happy Christmas to all,and a gardening New Year!

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Numpty that is brilliant, made me smile and so well written I could picture the scenes.
Happy New Year to you and yours, lets hope its a good one for us all.xx

30 Dec, 2011


Loved reading this... made me smile too... Happy New Year numbty x :o)

30 Dec, 2011


Thanks guys, a bit late in the day but I thought you would enjoy it...

30 Dec, 2011


Excellent Numbty ... and a Happy New Year to you too. X

30 Dec, 2011


This is very good,Numbty,enjoyed reading it too..Happy New Year to you and yours..:o))

30 Dec, 2011


Happy New Year x

30 Dec, 2011


that's really clever numbty.

happy new year

30 Dec, 2011


That was brilliant ! I hope you had a good Christmas, and I wish you a happy new year :o)

30 Dec, 2011


Thanks for that Numbty , really enjoyable !
Happy New Year .

30 Dec, 2011


How often does the post of Poet Laureate come up for renewal? Must be sometime soon.........

30 Dec, 2011


Happy New Year one and all...x

30 Dec, 2011


really enjoyed this too..happy new year Numbty..

30 Dec, 2011


Very well written Numbty, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU, HUBBY AND ALL THE FAMILY!.....

30 Dec, 2011


Hello Lin,Happy New Year to you and all the family let`s hope we have a good one!!

30 Dec, 2011


This made great reading loved it, Happy New Year :-)

31 Dec, 2011


That's fantastic, Numbty! Happy New Year to you and yours!

1 Jan, 2012

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