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Cats and a fire in the fireplace..


The wife and I decided to build a small fire in the fireplace tonight and I opened one of the south-facing windows to help fuel the up-draft..

To the south of our home, there is a 125 acre farm field that probably has every “critter” that exists..
Of course, the cats smelled the incoming scents from the opened window, and hung out at the window:

“Trouble” and “Smokey Boy” were “glued” to the window, just taking in all of the new “smells”. {chuckle}
Little “Smokey Boy” decided to lay in the window and absorb all of that “wild smells” long after “Trouble” got tired of it:

That’s ’ma boys!

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If I was your cat I'd be curled up by that lovely fire.

12 Nov, 2010


Our cat Henry was dozing in front of our wood fire many years ago when a large wood spark flew out and landed on him. Never seen a cat move so quick. Had to chase him to get rid of the spark. After that I found a lovely spark guard in my favourite antique centre. Still have open fire capability, but GJ too infirm to tend to it. I still keep the spark guard though.

12 Nov, 2010


Those smells must have been very pungent to keep them away from such a beautiful fire.

12 Nov, 2010


I am baffled N2O as to why they didnt go out hunting? Mine would have been out the window so fast if he thought there was something to chase?

12 Nov, 2010


they look so funny peering through the window! lovely photo!

12 Nov, 2010


I had a good old chuckle when I saw them peering thro' the window too. Brilliant !

12 Nov, 2010


Brill photo of both cats looking through window.

13 Nov, 2010


Yes that's a great photo N2 ... they look like a pair of naughty children looking out!

14 Nov, 2010


We never let the cats outdoors because of all of the native predators around here. We have a huge Red-tailed hawk and a pair of owls in the area, with wingspans greater than 6 feet.. Both could easily carry away any house-cat.
I have also spotted and photographed coyotes and a very large bobcat in the area and then there's the various snakes.. 3 years ago I killed a 6ft long rattle snake in the backyard. Yes, the cats need to stay indoors. {chuckle}

17 Nov, 2010


Our cat Henry had a terrifying encounter with a fox one Christmas night. We returned home late from visiting friends and let him out. Almost immediately there was a scuffle outside the back door. I saw a fox go over the fence and Henry came into the house all bushed up and in severe shock. I put him on a stool near the radiator and covered him over completely with a towel. Later I found he had worn all his claws down raking the fox lying on his back. He took a long time to recover. No wonder your cats are cautious N2.

17 Nov, 2010


Thats awful for them N2 much worse than over here. Though my cat has been bitten badly on his tail and later on his stomach the Vet thought it was a Fox or possibly Squirrell? Sorry to hear this DJ it must have been awful for both of you.

17 Nov, 2010

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