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This just MADE my day!


We have a new “household” in our backyard!
My wife and I have been feeding wild birds for years and have 8 feeders along with 4 bird-baths in two feeding stations.
We love to watch the Cardinals because they mate for life and a Cardinal couple has chosen our Magnolia tree to build a nest!
Here is where the Magnolia grows:

Growing under the Magnolia is my peppers and onions and in the background, you can see my corn experiment area.
Here is a closeup of what “mama Cardinal” is doing in our Magnolia tree:

She had built a really nice nest that is pretty deep, but she keeps working on it every day, adding strength to her creation.
Tonight we saw her add a few twigs and other things to the nest in two trips that she made.
I’ll try to get some telephoto video of the nest building! She’s awesome!
This will be incredible to watch!

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Wow, that's great! Have fun watching the birds.

1 Jul, 2010


you are so lucky,all ive got a massivly fat sparrows

1 Jul, 2010


How exciting!

1 Jul, 2010


That will be amazing to watch:)

1 Jul, 2010


How wonderful, are lucky to have a nice open space to watch them too.Looking forward to seeing the next update....

1 Jul, 2010


How lovely, the birds work so hard don't they, we have been feeding our robins and they cannot get enough mealy worms for their little ones, so glad you are helping them too and ladybug, sparrows are quite rare these days so they need looking after too!

1 Jul, 2010


I think that "Mama Cardinal" chose that spot because it is located only 2 meters from one of the bird feeding stations and she knows that when it comes time to "kick the babies out of the nest", they will have plenty of food and water to survive on. I wonder how birds know to do this. My hunch is that the "papa and momma" Cardinals have gotten used to having a constant food supply and water supply and know that their offspring will stand the best chance of survival if they are born in that little tree.
I just love that they have chosen my little chemical free ecosystem to raise their young in! It doesn't get any better than that!
Gotta love it,

2 Jul, 2010

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