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New treats in my backyard!


While watering, weeding and making the rounds in my backyard this evening, I saw a few new things that were most interesting. The first was this little “reject” that I found in the dumpster of a local nursery. It was almost dead and in severe distress. I potted it in the best organic soil mix that you can imagine last year and it has bloomed for the first time this spring:

While watering and inspecting my young pepper plants, there was one of them that was less than a foot tall, yet produced a pepper almost 4 inches long:

I then went over to my old rock garden underneath the bathroom window and was delighted to see that my old passion vine had came back to life after the severe winter that we had and seems to be thriving! Cool!

In that same flower bed, the lilies were really “showing off” after their spring organic fertilization:

Even some of the winter Pansies are doing quite well despite day temps in the lower 90’s. The ones below were planted in the native soil under the shade of my largest tree and were looking a little sad:

On the other hand, these Pansies have been growing in my old wine barrel that contains the richest organic soil mix in the world, IN FULL SUN, and just look at them! They should have died last month, but still look great! I have no explanation for this. Normally Pansies die off in mid April here in Texas because of the heat and these are still thriving. Blows my mind!

The common denominator of these successful plants seems to be well prepared organically rich soil that has rich biological activity.
Ever since I started listening to the organic approach to plant growth and landscaping, I have been experimenting in my backyard with areas of native soil and other areas of native soil that has been amended heavily with organic ingredients. I have noticed that the organic areas have often grown things that should not grow and/or have better production of fruits and flowers.
Plants are SO amazing!

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How wonderful for seem like a Medicine man, to all your healthy
looking plants, you, had quite a few surprises, whilst watering your plants..
You must be doing it right, as things seem to revive in your magical garden
there has to be something about organic gardening..just look at your pepper
amazing!! Keep it up......n2 I think we should all try to follow your system,
in time, meanwhile, we look forward to all your pics & Blogs on your Organic
Gardening...: ~)))

14 May, 2010


You are quite inspirational. When I moved into my new place I said I would go organic and so far so good. going out today in search of some nice horsey manure for my veggies!!!..I am just amazed to see pansies growing in they re doing weel with me and I am in freezing cold Scotland!!

14 May, 2010


To be honest, three years ago, I had never really cared about plants and landscaping. Then my wife and I had a new home built and I HAD to landscape it.
Like any other project that I have taken on in the past, I did a LOT of homework and research first. My mentor has been Howard Garret, an organic growing guru that lives in the Dallas area. His website:

I have gone from knowing nothing about plants to doing hard-core field testing experiments of various organic products and plants on my own to see what works best with plant growth. The whole growing process and relation of pants to the soil conditions is mind-blowing! I just LOVE making these wonderful helpless life forms thrive!

15 May, 2010

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