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Any ideas folks?


By lulu33


Hello all,
maybe someone can come up with a good way I can propogate chamomile…….I have 1,000’s of cuttings and am thinking of growing as much as I can (seems a pity to throw it away!)
For the past few years I have put the cuttings in water in any kind of receptical I can find. i leave them outside, in all weathers until they have sprouted a good root system.
I used plastic, shallow I think they were storage containers but 2 years of deep frost shattered them eventually.
The idea I need is what can I use to put the cuttings and water in that is cheap and effective?
If I get it right, I will be growing acres of chamomile!!!

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Hi Lulu, i dont know if this would be of any use ..a man on the allotments near ours..built a box about 3ft high out of pallets & lined it with an old pond liner..he grows watercress in it , just a thought. :o)

6 Aug, 2011


hmm - I would rather propagate them from seeds - but with cutting already on hand... hmmm.. affraid can't help much...

6 Aug, 2011


For small ones,try margarine pots if you use the stuff, or icecream containers or the containers supermarket meat comes in which unlike most don't have holes in the bottom. If you want bigger ones cat litter trays are good,(Tesco) or you could pack the plastic meat boxes into the litter tray to keep them together. Don't know how the boxes would stand up to frost but they are very easy to replace. I have found them quite tough.

6 Aug, 2011


I think anything that yu can recycle. Milk cartons, yoghurt pots there ae so many and you can always cut them down to the size you want. Or line a box or anythig with thick plastic.
I never knew they could be rooted from cuttings. Thanks. Well done. I've learned this year that I can start new tomatoes from a branch or a leaf that breaks off. Also started more Verbena from cuttings from one I like. So it's good to try with any plant you like.

7 Aug, 2011


Thanks folks for all your ideas, cat litter trays may be big enough and deal will the frosts! Will let you know how I get on!

7 Aug, 2011


Just out of interest I have saved all those carton I get from when you buy mushrooms. Its amazing how many you collect and they come in handy.
I was thinking if you buy milk, how about cutting the plastic in half long ways. I buy the 6 pinters so they would make nice shallow trays

8 Aug, 2011


6 pinters good idea, will ya save them for me as we don't drink milk!!!
Got lots of mushroom ones etc, I use them in the garden studio to hold bits of stained glass.
need biggish containers.

8 Aug, 2011


Ok I have a few, I'll set them to one side : )

8 Aug, 2011


thank you! I will be awash with chamomile!!

9 Aug, 2011

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