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Frozen Frogs......


By lulu33


Oh Dear, I did a pond inspection only to find frogs frozen mid swim! All toads and fishies also frozen, all except one brave goldfish! I have been told that sometimes they recover with the thaw. I DO hope so. Does anybody have any born again fishies, frogs and toad stories?

I hope everyone had a happy festive day and that you are all recovering well. We are very happy that the snow has gone (for now!) It’s so good to see green and have that damp smell of trees and leaves. The birds are happier and the cat!! She gets saw paws in the snow!

Only the goose left to cook for new years eve and then it’s salad for a month!!!

Wishing you all a happy 2011.

x Lulu

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I've found a couple of dead fish this morning lulu,the rest seem fine though, although the pond is still pretty frozen so don't know if I'll find anymore, also talking to someone this morning who's lost all their fish, like yours they're frozen in the ice, wonder why? usually they're pretty hardy aren't they as long as you have a hole for the gases to escape.
We had a good christmas, except our youngest daughter left her bedroom door open and Fudge ate a whole box of thorntons and a box of lindort wrappers!!!!! he's fine though thank goodness, you'd think she'd know by now what a greedy animal he is :-)
Happy New Year to you too.

30 Dec, 2010


Oh dear....oh've probably already seen my revived fish story. I tried to euthanase a poorly goldfish in ice and when I thought it was dead I left it and went away, but as soon as the ice thawed the poor thing came back to life....I can belive that yours may revive!

30 Dec, 2010


I think they may be too far gone. Depends on how long they are frozen for. I have 5 frozen in 6" of ice and as soon as I can get them out I will, they ahve been there since Dec 12th. There are a lot of myths about amphibians I wouldnt like to say for definite what will happen to them.

30 Dec, 2010


I didn't think the water dare freeze that close to Highgrove.
Seriously i have used a 250 watt pond heater for the first time this year and no ice at all,but of course you need to be able to supply electric safely to the pond.
With consumption about 6 kilowatts a day, and its been on about 2 weeks the cost will probably be horrendous still you have to get your priorities right. After all OH uses that much in 3 hrs on top of the central heating, its hotter here than Corfu .

30 Dec, 2010


i can see two of my fishies which seem ok, just slow which is normal, they shut down with cold till warmer, i also can see a small froggy at the bottom which i think is dead poor thing, but untill it thaws properly i cant tell what damage is done, just hope my fish keep going.sorry about your fishies and frogs lulu :o(

30 Dec, 2010


Happy new year ! :o)
I hope your pond inhabitants recover.

30 Dec, 2010


Thanks everyone. Yes, Highgrove has dared to freeze to -12 this year!!!! Poor David has had a hell of a time breaking ice for the horses and trying to unfreeze the pipes leading to them, Iv'e hardly seen him all through the cold spell!!
I would love to have a pond heater, how cool is that!! My pond is quite far from the house with no electrics and being such a small pond it really freezes thickly. They were ok last year..?And naughty Fudge, Simbad lol! So far Sluggy has only chewed the xmastree light wire, thank goodness they were off!!

31 Dec, 2010


Hope your fish have all revived by now,Lulu. We have had a lot warmer weather here the last few days.

Wishing you a Happy New Year 2011. :-))

2 Jan, 2011


One fish alive but frogs and toads not looking good:(

2 Jan, 2011


been out today lulu and iv taken another frog out, so thats mum and dad and baby now, so sad but my fish are ok im so glad to say, been online and seems everyone is having problems with dead frogs, how sad.

2 Jan, 2011


Maybe I should take them out now, I was hoping they might come back to life...............? Hope the newts are ok!

2 Jan, 2011


apparently if they are alive you will see some movement, if no life and bloated they are dead, they do go quiet but not lifeless lulu, i hope your newts are ok to

2 Jan, 2011


How are your frogs, Lulu? Have they revived? Have you tried giving them the "kiss of life"? You might end up with a handsome blue prince or two! LOL! :-D

5 Jan, 2011


Oh Lord, no more Princes! (long story!)
Froggies still dead and toads, very sad. Hope some of them may have survived near the bottom of my pond.

5 Jan, 2011


If there was sufficient mud for them to burrow into, you may find a few survived. Let's hope so anyway!

7 Jan, 2011

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