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Kittens mushrooms & nuts and all things nice


By lulu33


It started with a walk in the woods trying to train the Puppy (Slugs), run some fat off her Mum (Pru) and give quality time to Auntie Jazz! I saw these wonderful mushrooms. That was Tuesday last week.

Wednesday took me off to Salisbury to visit family. There they run an excellent B & B and have a pretty garden. I took them Clematis Prince Charles and Barbara Dibley to grow up their pergola alongside roses and honeysuckle and I stupidly forgot to photograph the arch! But we did wonder what these yellow fruits were? They smelt plum like but the kids noticed the wasps weren’t eating them, so maybe they shouldn’t!!

Later that day on my way home I visited my Auntie who has just bought a Burman kitten, very sweet and quite bold for such a young ’un!

And this is the kittens friend Lysander, who doesn’t like the new arrival very much!!

Thursday, Friday and part of Saturday in between all of life’s other jobs the dogs and I go on the search for nuts. Don’t know where the squirrels have got too I think Jazzypup has scared them off but just look at this collection, Squirrels eat your heart out, NOT!

Thank goodness for deep pockets!
So Saturday night after much foraging pups are now tired!

Not for long though, at least 5 month old Slugs woke up and staked our feral cat much growling from the cat a woofing from Slugs. The photo I took is on it’s side so I haven’t posted it! Instead I walked slugs around the garden and captured my favourite little buttlerfly.

A good few days me thinks! x Lulu (slugs, jazzypup and pru!)

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Wonderful blog Lulu, and some great photos too..... :~))

23 Aug, 2010


lovely blog and some very cute friends of yours

23 Aug, 2010


I think the fruits may be Quince inedible? I have two trees in my garden that bear the same fruit,G.o.Y.friends helped me identify my tree earlier this year.The dogs are lovely.

23 Aug, 2010


Love your pointers Lulu, I think you wore them out with your walk. :=)))))

23 Aug, 2010


Lovely lovely blog Lulu all my favourites, cats dogs and wildlife. ! :0))

23 Aug, 2010


Love your blue butterfly the flower puts it's size in the right perspective.Small but perfectly formed. My mother used to say it about me.LOL

23 Aug, 2010


Lovely time with lovely animals and also my favourite butterfly. When we water the garden here we get surrounded by swarms of these 'flying jewels' as they home in on the wet earth. Our Hazel nut tree is getting ready to give up the harvest, but I know there's nothing like bounty from the wild! At this time of year here locals are often seen going for a walk armed with a stout stick and a carrier bag. Never leave home without a carrier bag - you never know what you're going to find to put in it!

24 Aug, 2010


What a lovely blod Lulu, I enjoyed that so much! That butterfly pic is superb!

24 Aug, 2010


Thanks Karen, those blue butterflys are so shy it's the first time I got close enough to take a close up. I do love their colour.

24 Aug, 2010


Yes, me too, almost transparent aren't they! Kitten is also beautiful of course :)

25 Aug, 2010


Hazel nuts yum yum! Oh I remember those day of nut hunting in the Autumn it was fun.

Could the fruit be Loquat? Looks a lot like it but I'd have to see the inside and the leaf of the tree. If it is Loquat there should be about 3 big brown seed inside. When ripe they are lovely but very small in size.

Love that blue butterfly. I've never seen one like that b4.

I liked seeing those mushrooms too, how interesting.
I once found a mushroom that was over 9 inches round.

Lovely blog thanks for sharing.

25 Aug, 2010


Was that mushroom the giant favourite!!
And regarding the nuts, my dogs were funny this evening, I was sitting in front of the fire cracking nuts and they started begging. So I gave them a nut, they didn't want it, I gave them the shell, they didn't want that either. So remembering last christmas when they cracked all the nuts with their teeth, I gave them the whole nut and they love that and it was one nut for me and one nut for them x 3 dogs, not many left for me!!! The pup I cracked the nut before giving it to her to make it easier. They do so enjoy them just like I do!!

25 Aug, 2010


My dog likes nuts, whole or shelled! She also loves raw carrots, and I've known her to eat a plum stone too...I guess they like something hard to get their teeth a bone.

26 Aug, 2010

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