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This Rainy Morning


By louise1


The day started out surprisingly because whilst i was in the office (upstairs) looking through my binoculars into ‘the jungle’ something caught my eye – right at my left side.

A squirrel was at the same height as me – on the side of next doors house wall – about 12’ away !!! (In the 3 years i’ve been here i’ve never seen a squirrel in these gardens)
I watched it walk (very easily) down the wall, amble across the grass into the jungle, climb up the Rowan, check out the seed feeders (and decide nothing took its fancy), climb back down and then amble across the grass and up another house wall !
From there it went roof to roof and down another wall several houses away, then through the trees and out of view.
This squirrel was either very well fed or pregnant because it was a fat little thing … with the 2 large parks and large woods here it certainly ’shouldn’t’ want for food ;-)

I looked out again just now and amongst the Greenfinches, at the seed feeders, was a Collared Dove (seem to get one in particular here!) ….. it was balancing very precariously on quite a fine branch, leaning right across and poking its head in a seed feeder !!!
It looked like it was concentrating hard on not toppling off balance !

The birds look completely bedraggled, this morning, out in the pouring rain, poor things !

Still, if it’s raining – it’s not snowing :-))))))

The thought of these keep me going ;-)

This is what i’m looking forward to in March and April :-)




Hurry up spring ;-)

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Hi louise squirrels are clever little devils aren't they? I can't imagine how any one would want to harm them. Lovely pics yea roll on spring.

29 Dec, 2009


Tulsa, i had no idea squirrels would go up and down brick walls a la Spiderman !!!!!

29 Dec, 2009


Neither did I ,I bet it was quite a :>))

29 Dec, 2009


Couldn't believe my eyes !
There it was though, up and down these houses/brick walls like they were trees !!!

Presumably, if the roof had a gap they'd slide in and nest ??

29 Dec, 2009


Thanks for these reminders of spring.

29 Dec, 2009


wow! what a wonderfull pictures! can I ask what kind of camera you use? I am going to buy a new one next month - and just looking around at others cameras... and squirells can be very clever, oh yes:)

29 Dec, 2009


Maybe it's the one that ate all my tulip bulbs? That would explain its tubby tummy. Glad it's back with you now!

Lovely photos. :-)))))))

29 Dec, 2009


Beautiful pictures! I just love the Dicentra and Hellebore. I have several white and also the pink Dicentra in a circular perennial bed here, but I really don't have enough true shade to offer a home to any Hellebores. You have rain, we're having bitter cold (20 degrees F) and high winds here today (50 miles per hour!). Fingers and toes crossed wishing for an early Spring! :)

29 Dec, 2009


lovely photo's will be buying some of them later. don't let the sqirrel in the roof, terrible to get rid of.

29 Dec, 2009


You made me laugh Louise, "in the office" looking out with binoculars! You sound like me, wildlife takes precedence over work. About squirrels going up walls, yes indeed they do, and it puts me off opening bedroom windows. I know someone who had a break in by one of these cheeky little things and it created havoc. It was probably terrified and couldn't remember how to get out.
Last year I saw one with a huge toadstool, holding it like a big pizza and eating all round the edge. Very dainty too.
Your photos are really lovely,

29 Dec, 2009


Smashing photo`s Louise and enjoyed reading about the squirrel,we had one here for a while and all my bulbs kept disappearing from my raised beds at the bottom of the garden,took me a few years to work out why (duh). He/she has gone now and I have to say I do miss him and his antics. .....

29 Dec, 2009


Thanks everyone :-)

Mad, you're right, i should have been working ;-)
I had to let the neighbours know a while back too, that i wasn't being a peeping tom - just a bird watcher !!!

I bet you cursed not having a camera at the 'toadstool pizza' moment, what a great picture that would have made :-)

29 Dec, 2009


Isn't it exciting looking forward to these lovely plants growing and flowering :o))
I like rain :D If it's been dry for a few days I always wish it would rain :o)

29 Dec, 2009


I like the rain too Hywel, i never mind it !

29 Dec, 2009


We are in the minority I think but I don't mind :o)
I like what I like.

29 Dec, 2009


Love your squirrel story Louise and fab photos, as ever :-)

29 Dec, 2009


Agree with Dawn..a lovely blog Louise.

29 Dec, 2009


Thanks Dawn and Bb :-))

29 Dec, 2009


~ Hi Louise~ great blog! ~ they run up the white render on the house as if it was horizontal and sit on the arm of the Sky dish~

29 Dec, 2009


Lovely photos Louise. Roll on Spring ! :-)

29 Dec, 2009


LOL Arlene, do they affect the signal ;-)
I'm still amazed at the sight of it going up and down the walls, you're right though .... they stroll about like the walls 'are' horizontal !!!

Thanks Muddy :-))

30 Dec, 2009


enjoyed reading about your working day :))))))

31 Dec, 2009


LOL ..... easy life ;-)))

31 Dec, 2009

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