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Had a busy day yesterday, getting things sorted for the winter and the forthcoming planting season.
I’ve 2 greenhouse’s, one is a second hand one, which a friend didn’t want, I dismantled and re-erected in my garden. (I don’t recommend this ).
The bug then really got to me and I soon run out of space and decided to buy a new one, which I featured on a previous blog THE GRAND OPENING .



With help from OH and sis in law, I delegated them to the “old” one. LOL. They done a great job of clearing out and cleaning it. ( they only broke 1 pane ), whilst I got on with the business of insulating the “new” one. One of the fleece’s had been chewed to bits, I politely said that I did recall seeing a mouse earlier in the year, but I had shooed it off, this didn’t wash with OH, who then flatly refused to go back in there.

I have electrics running into both of them, but I only tend to keep the “new” one heated during cold snaps as I use this one for all my seedlings and harden off in the “old” one. That’s the intentions, but not always the way.
I purchased a roll of bubble wrap, which you can see in the 1st. pic. £17. , 60 Mt’s long.
I also got some clips from ebay, 2 packets £1.50.

It was a lot easier than I thought, like putting wallpaper up I suppose, but if I put it up like this, I wouldn’t give the day job up !
Getting there.

Its amazing what you can fit into a small green house, this is the gear that came out of the “new” one.

I’ve got gravel as a base for the staging, so I used this to seal the bottom of the bubble wrap.

Whilst clearing the old pots out, I came across this and I can remember watching the leaf cutter doing this.

Finally done! All the staging put back, my chair, the heater, the lights, the dab radio, a glass of cider (out of sight), I shut the door and turned everything on. All working perfectly.

I mainly grow from plugs and seed, but this time I’m changing that around and doing almost all seed.
I spent over £140 last year on plugs alone, although I recuperated it all back, I was struggling with pots etc. to plant them on. So I had a look on the net and found a manufacturer who done small orders for gardeners.
I got 400 trays, 20 cells a tray for £34. That’s 8,000 cells!.
These seem ideal for seeds and plugs.

Me thinks me’s goin be busy. Can’t wait. Might even attempt to germinate extra early next year.

If you want to know the company PM me and I will give you the details.
That’s it for now, will post another soon about looking back at my efforts this year.
Thanks for watching.:o))

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Enjoyed your blog my little greenhouse is all bubbled wrapped up, did it the other week, given it to be quite cold tonight.

14 Nov, 2010


I've not got room for a greenhouse but I was interested in the application of the bubble wrap for winter protection (and especially with the clips). You are going to be very busy with all the seed trays but I must say, that seems a really good price.

You'll be hanging out a shingle on the roadside advertising for plant sales! lol

14 Nov, 2010


I'm tired out from just reading this blog ... what a busy day you had ...Charlton playing away by any chance? lol
If we ever had a greenhouse there'd have to be a Seagull on the top ... you know why! Well done on the seed trays too. : o ))

14 Nov, 2010


What a 'perfic' picture you paint, sitting there surrounded by all your little seedlings and listening to GQT on your DAB.

14 Nov, 2010


Great you had all that done. Now you can relaxe a bit :o)

14 Nov, 2010


lots of hard work there ,i bet you enjoyed your glass of cider after that :o)

14 Nov, 2010


Clarice: Thanks for reading, funnily enough we did have a frost that night, didn't put no heating on,when I checked later the minimum temperature in greenhouse had gone to 4c, the outside was -3c.

Whiston. Thankyou, I do sell some to neighbours, they used to get them for nothing, because I always felt guilty charging them.

Thanks Shirley, Yes you guessed it, what a result. Better tell OH to start worrying now. :o)).

Heron: thanks, normally Magic fm, a little singsong to my self, now and again, and maybe a little shuffle.

Thanks Hywel, relax and wait.

Joanella: Hic...!

17 Nov, 2010

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