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I’ve been back nearly a week now and it’s taken me all this time to go through all the blogs etc.
I would have loved to comment on all of them, but, I think I would be repeating myself to often " great blog ", " nice pictures ", and the like. Whenever I do comment on a blog or question, it means something to me as I’m sure it does to the blogger and if I just commented with these phases, it might look as if I’m just trying to be polite. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that everyone who makes a comment means it from the bottom of their hearts, and I enjoy reading and seeing everybody’s blogs. I’m pretty new to this site, so I cannot comment on what it used to be like, but its pretty good now.
My garden is a very small affair, with not much going on, IE. 2 greenhouses, 1 rhod. 1 fuchsia, summer pots and baskets surrounded by conifers for privacy, so its an absolute privilege to view other gardens on here, I do grow the plants for the bowling green, but because I work full time I hardly maintain it. This is left to my Dad (79) and a few, now and again, volunteers.
The point I’m trying to make here is that any blogs I put on are not about my garden, but other things I’ve done, seen or planted, especially at the green and had a camera at hand.
Some blogs get loads of comments and some hardly any, this doesn’t mean that some are better than others, its shows that the comradery on here is good and sometimes hilarious, which is a good thing because it will keep us going through the next few dark months. I don’t want to be seen as stepping on anyone’s toes, because my knowledge of gardening is a mere morsel to most people here, but sometimes I get scared to make a comment in case it is taken in the wrong context.
I don’t know if this lot makes a lot of sense.
Maybe I’ve got a touch of the holiday blues.

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The chat, Littlelegs, often goes a bit off the subject so you can always comment on something, be it animals or cake!!!

12 Oct, 2010


Please don't be afraid to join in, ( although I was the same when I started. ) I don't think anyone will say you don't have much knowledge. we all make our contributions however small. It's what makes the site what it is. If everyone was afraid to say things there would be nothing said and what's the point of that ? If you like something then say so. Why not ?

12 Oct, 2010


Oh yes, I hope you had a nice holiday lol sorry i forgot. - there you are you see you're in the company of some daft people like me aswell lol :o)

12 Oct, 2010


Thanks Linda, Hywel.
Its just some times I think to myself," Why would anybody be interested in that". My stuff I mean.

12 Oct, 2010


Well, I'm pleased you enjoyed your holiday and thanks for bringing some sunshine back with you ! The various Blog topics range across so many subjects, I especially enjoy the way I can view other parts of the UK and the World, in fact, so I really wouldn't worry if people would be interested in your Blogs, some will, some won't ! Rather like mine ! ! I don't think it's possible to read each and every blog, unless you're glued to the computer 24/7 and a 'Like' is sometimes as good as a comment as it, hopefully, shows you've read it. I have PM's to reply to, but just have not had the time of late. Footie on TV tonight though, should give me 90 minutes at least on GoY, maybe more if there's extra time ... lol !

12 Oct, 2010


You sound like you have no confidence in yourself. I used to be like that, and still am to a certain extent.
However I've come to think if someone isn't interested in what I have to say, they don't have to read it. But by not writing it you are depriving those who are interested from knowing it.
I don't care any more about those people who are not interested in me - they can just get lost lol. There are plenty who are.
And it's the same for you :o)

12 Oct, 2010


Hi Littlelegs....Blog away to your heart's content and comment whenever the mood hits you....I don't reckon everything is meant to be professional, cleverly worded or extensive with loads of detail. I take GOY as a place to see what others have and are doing in their garden, get advice, make friends and have a laugh too.

You've just come home from holidays and I think looking at all the activity on the GOY site might be a bit overwhelming (just to catch up on what's happened in your absence). It's quite a task to keep up with things even on a daily basis.

GOY has lots of variety in members and what they blog about so please don't worry about no one taking an interest in what you blog....we'll be waiting for all your thoughts/comments if and when you feel able to participate.... :)

12 Oct, 2010


Glad you had a good holiday Littlelegs, that must have been a marathon catching up on all the blogs!
I think there's something for everyone on GoY, that's what sets it apart from other sites and makes it so interesting. I was afraid to comment at first but soon got used to it. I don't very often just 'like' a blog, if I like it I prefer to say so in a comment!

12 Oct, 2010


Thanks for all your comments.
Shirley : You are dead right about trying to keep up, it really did take me a week, and its quite possible that it was all too much to take in all at once. I watched footie last night and I think you done the right thing. :o))

Hywel : I don't think its a confidence thing, I think its not knowing what to say sometimes, but I agree with you 100% , thanks for the kind comments. :o))

Whistonlass : Yes I agree, there are so many GOYers, and its impossible to be interested in everything. I Like the new avatar. :o)). ps. Thanks for adding me as fav.

Lily : Yes, I think even if you can't comment, a like would suffice.
I will try to put a blog together with the flower pics I took on hols.
Thanks for all your comments, they are appreiciated.

13 Oct, 2010

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