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Who Ate All The Nuts?


By lily2


Oh Robin, look what’s been happening while your back has been turned

Nearly all your usually well guarded nuts have disappeared

This morning the feeder was full…..where have they all gone?

Was it you Mr Blackbird??

“Do you really think I have time for such things! Not only do I have to fight continual turf wars, ‘her indoors’ has even got me helping on this nest building lark. She might know though, our nest is just by the nuts.”

Did you see anything Mrs Blackbird?

“Mmmm….maybe….. but I have a beakful of twigs and so much to do before our babies arrive that I can’t spare the time to talk now, I’ll meet you by the fence later when I’m finished.”

Perhaps I’ll ask around while I’m waiting…..

Was it you and your gang little Blue Tit?

“No…ooo…not us, I admit I had a nibble but really I prefer this lovely fat ball”

Hhhmmm….what about you Goldfinches and your camera shy Siskin friends?

" Certainly not! We have a much more refined palate, why would we bother with nuts when there are all these nyger seeds provided especially for us."

Well all the birds seem to have disappeared, I was hoping to ask Blackcap as he’s usually always around ……maybe they’re all avoiding me……..

Ah, here’s Mrs Blackbird. Are you going to spill the beans then? No one else seems to know.

“Well …….I don’t like to be a grass as he’s much bigger than me and he has lots of mates……. but he is so greedy…….come closer and I’ll whisper….”

So, who did eat all the nuts? Of course the culprit was that jumbo jet of garden birds………WOODPIGEON!

What do you have to say for yourself Woodpigeon?

“It wasn’t me, I’ve been minding my own business down here on the grass, admiring these lovely daffodils”

don’t tell porky pies I have an eye witness AND you’ve been caught on camera.

“So what? ….I was only LOOKING!”

Well you’re getting very close here…..

“Humphh….still proves NOTHING

OK smarty pants, try and wriggle out of this one then, you’ve been caught with your beak in the trough!

“Errrr……. OK then……it’s a fair cop, seeing as you’ve caught me red-beaked but you’ve got to admit you had a good laugh watching my antics and I was so clever balancing on those spindly branches”.

You’re right about that WP and we don’t mind as long as you leave some for all the others.


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That's so clever Lily, how on earth did you manage to get such brilliant photos?

8 Apr, 2010


hi lily nice to see you and loved reading your blog, so funny , great pictures and captions to,, lol ;o))

8 Apr, 2010


Fabulous photos Lily, especially liked Mrs Blackbird and your Woodpigeon has such pink feet!
Well done, keep up the good work. x x

8 Apr, 2010


Hallo again Lily - great photos! I wouldn't mind 'Jumbo Jets' in the garden if they didn't SQUASH my plants! lol.

8 Apr, 2010


I did enjoy this blog ... especially like the Goldfinches. I shoo away pigeons from the feeder now ... they're far too greedy! : o )

8 Apr, 2010


Brilliant blog...Guilty as charged ! :o)

8 Apr, 2010


Lovely blog and smashing photo`s Lily, I do agree the pigeons are so greedy, they just keep eating until the feeders are empty.........

8 Apr, 2010


Hello all, thank you for all your lovely comments. Glad you enjoyed it Sandra and Val - it was fun to compile although the birds all disappeared when I needed some more photos!
It's the camera that's clever Ian, not me - it has a big zoom lens so I just point and click. Maybe 1 in 20 photos is any good!
I haven't had any plants squashed ......yet Spritz but there's not anything delicate out there so far. Maybe I shall be shooing them away too before long like you Shirley and Sue. The other birds don't seem that interested just now....other things on their minds I suppose! :o)))
Glad you liked it not quite up to your standard yet though.

9 Apr, 2010


This is a great blog and some lovely bird photos.

9 Apr, 2010


Poor wood pigeon cannot help being big & clumsy!! They seem to have to
work so hard, to feed, the balancing tricks i have seen them do, and then
they usually end up with nothing at all. And they are the first bird that the
cats go for, as they waddle and cannot run fast enough to escape!!
Unlike the little ones....I so loved your pics. & captions Lily...

10 Apr, 2010


Thanks Mavis and I quite agree with you Freesiaperson, pigeons do seem very greedy but they also have very big bodies to sustain. I like to see and feed all birds, so far none have outstayed their welcome!

11 Apr, 2010


BRAVO Lily!!

Missed this one somehow. Absolutely superb. Really enjoyed it and great captions to compliment great pictures.


27 Apr, 2010


Glad you made it Dan and thank you for your lovely comments. It's impossible to keep up with all the blogs now, I miss lots unfortunately :o(( I've just seen a magpie balancing on the feeder but didn't get the camera out in time!
Glad to have you back with us.

28 Apr, 2010

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