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upset teen and no pup


as ive blogged before,we were getting a english springer for lizzie and seeing it sat,but i got a day off work and we went yesterday instead(thurs)its a puppy farm and there were dozens of pups of all types,i was upset as i will not condone this and teen was upset to see them all,so no puppy and i will look elswhere,i should have been suspicious when she said she would deliver,stupid of me and i shouldnt have taken lizzie,lesson learnt

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These are useful sites to get information and advice.
I hope they help... they are for rescue and rehoming Springer Spaniels, but they would give you other help too...

I hope you find the right dog ...

22 Apr, 2011


thankyou terratoonie a big help i will have a look now

22 Apr, 2011


why do people do it!!-- money I suppose...
Very upsetting for you both I'm sure with Terra's help you'll soon have a lovely puppy xxx

22 Apr, 2011


Take your time about finding the right dog, Ladybug ..
you could possibly own the dog for as long as 15 years, so needs to be the correct choice... good luck ...

22 Apr, 2011


im that disheartened now and not sure i want to add another dog yet,your right tho terra the right dog is out there for us,i never chose penny it just happened over two days and she is the best,there is a scruffy mongrel or a big posh pedagree waiting for us,we shall see

22 Apr, 2011


oh that's so sad, think if I'd have gone to somewehere like that I'd have taken them all home!
i couldn't bring myself to go to a rescue centre either - all those sad faces, desperate for a loving home .. it'd just break my heart.

have you thought about a rescue centre? Does it have to be a springer?

22 Apr, 2011


not realy donna and the local rescue centre just has staffys im not against them they are just not a dog i want might have a walk up tho

22 Apr, 2011


The two organisations, of which I gave you links at the top of the thread, deal exclusively with Springer Spaniel rescue...

...certainly get in touch with those for advice, whether you want a puppy, or an older rescued Springer ..

22 Apr, 2011


I've never seen a puppy farm and don't know what they are like. but I have heard they're not very nice. I'm glad you didn't get a dog from there. If they are that bad I don't know why they are not banned.

23 Apr, 2011


A "puppy farm" is the term given to any place where too many dogs are being bred purely for profit .. usually a group of old sheds at the back of any property...

I wish they could be stopped... the puppies and adults are generally of poor conformation and not in good health.. and the bitches are bred on every season till they are worn out...

To purchase a puppy or new dog, the advice is always to go to a breeder where you can visit and see the mother with her puppies and other dogs at the premises ...

...NEVER agree to meet at another place for a puppy to be handed over, and NEVER agree to just have a puppy delivered to your house when you have not previously seen the puppy or its mother ...

23 Apr, 2011


Thanks for the information TT. They sound disgusting places. I wonder why nothing is done about them.

Well done Chris for not geting a dog from there. Many wouldn't have cared :o(

23 Apr, 2011


i care hywel,a lot of these pups are very ill and some have been known to die they are that overbred,unfortunatly people buy them coz they are cheaper by about a hundred pound,the breeder wasnt best pleased with me but who cares,if you dont buy off them they cant sell them

23 Apr, 2011


Good for you !

23 Apr, 2011


I thought they had stamped this out long ago. Poor dogs. I hope the RSPCA investigate them.

25 Apr, 2011

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