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great news today


my son is moveing out and spreading his wings at last(he,s 22)its taken me four years to nudge him near to that door and I know some mums would cling to their kids but not me,I love them all but they need to learn to be independant,his twin brother left when he was 18 and my 16yr old is planning her life already(police force or army)or university,also ive been promoted at work which im very exited about and im already planning what to do with my life and have just about decided to be a crazy cat woman and fill my life with animals and plants,takeing a deep sigh of happiness,ive been looking at the rspca and thinking of getting another dog,i got in touch with a dog rescue yesterday but they were not keen on me haveing one of theirs as i work 16hrs a week and have not speyed penny(6 mths old)as they prefer someone to be at home all the time and she wanted a £130 donation for a dog,i didnt mind all this but to me she was trying to put me off adopting a dog and i just wanted to give a home to a little bitch as company for me and penny,so its the rspca(will update when i find my new dog)thats all for today folks good morning and happy gardening chris

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Good luck, Chris, with your promotion and best wishes to your children making their way in their lives ...

I hope you're able to find a suitable dog to fit in with your situation... some breeds and mixed-breeds are more adaptable than others to being left without human company for a number of hours each day....

Happy gardening :o)

18 Mar, 2011


LadyB. you will miss them, I miss mine! Hope your new doggie brings you comfort.

18 Mar, 2011


You'll certainly find it quieter without your children Chris. I did when my last one moved out but it's nice to have a bit of peace when you want it and I see mine very regularly which is nice. you get a different relationship with them when they are their own people and not just an extension of you. I certainly didn't miss the running about after them and the extra washing etc, although I do love them dearly.

Re you getting another dog - the best of luck with this. Personally I'm not really a doggy person although I do know some very nice dogs. I can appreciate the companionship they give you though. Keep us posted.

18 Mar, 2011


Well's all change in your life and it sounds very exciting. I hope you can find a pooch that will settle down in your home and prove a great companion to you and Penny.

I missed our two kids when the went from home...daughter married and our son moved back to Canada. It's a necessary adjustment though, as you say. It seems we raise them to be independent and then are sad for a while once they exercise that independence in moving from the family home. But 4 grandkids later and knowing they are both happy is a great satisfaction to us as parents. I hope your son finds his place in this big wide world and that you can get on with your job, gardening and your dog(s). Good luck, Chris.

18 Mar, 2011


Careful one of mine moved out, but she's back home - she's so loud I'll swop her any day for more cats and plants - (only joking Emily if you read this). Its lovely to see your children move on in life -(for all the right reasons thou)

18 Mar, 2011


We have a magnet on the fridge that says ' We have changed the locks, but the kids keep getting in', this is only a joke, they think so too!! Lol. And K.funsters I know what you mean, our son did that to us a few times, but I secretly enjoyed it though, each time he went a little bit more of our furniture went too!!

18 Mar, 2011


well the settee is going with him,funny you should say that grandmage and ive just looked in his box and all my towels are in there,oh happy day,and whistinlass dont mention grandkids he cant keep a plant alive,now you all have me going weepy and im a hard tough woman who wants him to go Mwagggghh

18 Mar, 2011


I know how you feel ladybug i love my daughter to bits but we clash so (hubby says its because we are too alike) she's 17 at the end of this month (same day as mine she's even stole my thunder on my birthday lol), she is at college and planning another 2 years there then on to university, you will be able to see the flag from all over the country then lol!!!

18 Mar, 2011 did give me a chuckle....flying flags! lol It's ok can have some's part of the package :) The kids can bounce back again....our son finished uni and went back to Canada for 2 yrs. and came back for 5 yrs....and he's gone back to Canada again.....follow the bouncing ball lol

Oh dear....kills the grandkids are off limits for some undetermined time, LBug.

18 Mar, 2011


I wish him luck and you too, the rspca are terrible for this, seems they would rather it go to people who end mistreating them, and then end up back there and lie to get one, its no longer than 4 hours for a dog to be left on its own. My son is in all the time and they would nt let him have one 6ft fence all around his garden, in the past I ve known him spend hundreds in vet bills if his dogs have gone ill, so he ended up buying one else where, the rspca s loss.

18 Mar, 2011


Chris it's great that you're sorting your life out. Good luck. and congratulations on your promotion too :D
Pitty about the dog. I hope you can get one soon. It's nice to be able to rehome an abandoned animal :o)

I couldn't wait to get away from my mam and dad - they drove me mad lol !

18 Mar, 2011


Good luck with everything and hope you find a little dog soon.

19 Mar, 2011

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