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snow,snow,and more snow


the garden is under a foot of snow and its still snowing ever since i got up at 5 this morning,the only one enjoying it is penny who runs around in it like a maniac,but its that deep you can only see her head,then as it was snowing this morning she would not come in until she had chased all these things falling from the sky and i looked like an idiot in my leopard skin dressing gown chaseing her(plus matching slippers),and then there was a big flash and thunder,ive never seen this before when snowing,i thought someone was takeing a photo,can i also say please check on anyone who cannot get out in the snow,oap,s and anyone maybe disabled and uses a wheelchaire,thanks chris

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Quite unusual clap of thunder, the 'Gods' obviously weren't too impressed with your 'attire' ;-)) would have made a good video! Yes we must all think about those who may have difficulties in this unusually bad weather.

29 Nov, 2010


Here in Newcastle we have had thunder and lightning late last night and this morning as you say really unusual.The snow is really bad as well, my son's school is closed and there is more to come.The cat's wont go out but it sound's like Penny is enjoying herself.

29 Nov, 2010


i hope no one had a camera heron,what a palava,lizzie was off today as well mavis and im thinking tomorrow as well as there is no letting up and i hope it doesnt freeze as it is sort of melting at the moment,chris

29 Nov, 2010


It has been melting a bit tonight but it is snowing again now lets hope we dont get much more. I am keeping Luke at home again tommorow as if the weather turn's nasty they will just send them home .

29 Nov, 2010


I hope your gardens have had a bit of a thaw by now...
cold temperatures are forecast for next week :o(

5 Dec, 2010


yes it was snow,snow and more snow, but now it is freezing fog and minus conditions.Hey Ho.
Our gardens are quite resillient to most weathers so hopefully they will survive this horrible weather and come up smiling.
Keep feeding the birds and looking after your elderly neighbours.

6 Dec, 2010

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