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high winds all night


not only could i not sleep,penny kept me awake growling at imaginary sounds,then i got up this morning to find my arch with my two fav clematis broken on the ground,the plants are fine but will it be ok to move them now or will it kill them,i realy dont want to lose them,

sorry about the pic its dark,or does anyone have ideas to save my arch,chris

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is that one of those metal arches? wont it push back into the ground again?
not a nice thing to find in the morning ~ what a nasty shock!

12 Nov, 2010


no my son tryed for me,he meant well but snapped off the bottom rungs

12 Nov, 2010


Sorry, Chris, to read that your clematis arch was blown down...
... I hope you can save your climbers ...

If you prefer to move the clematis next year... could you make a temporary repair to the arch, but putting in some very strong wooden stakes and lashing the broken arch to those ?

12 Nov, 2010


i think you may be able to unscrew the last part of the arch and give yourself effectively 2 more feet for the arch?? we had one of those and its all in sections ~ not sure it would work but worth a try? on the other hand i think terratoonies suggestion is the strongest option

12 Nov, 2010


It's not nice to find such destruction in your garden....I hope you can manage a temporary fix for your arch and a happy rescue for your clematis'. The winds are still pretty strong here in Merseyside tonight.

12 Nov, 2010


. . .they've died down a bit here 15miles north of Glasgow but temperature has plummeted and it's still raining.

That's such a shame about your arch Ladybug- hope you'll keep us posted about how you manage to salvage the damage. :((

12 Nov, 2010


the stakes are a good idea im going to try that or abandon it totaly,wish i could afford the wooden ones but the cheapest ive seen is £140 and thats out of my range,chris

13 Nov, 2010


God luck hope you can sort something out.

13 Nov, 2010


ok ive staked the arch but ive lost about a foot either side.....but ive been given next doors which broke in the middle and i will detach his legs to mine,ta da....i will also leave the stakes on to give it that extra bit of oomph when the wind next blows, and im thinking of building my own arch of wood,im getting to be quite the handywoman,thanks all

13 Nov, 2010


Sorry to hear of your broken arch, but pleased to hear you fixed it. Where there's a will there's a way is my motto. Yes go for it, build your own arch a brilliant idea ! :0))

13 Nov, 2010


Ladybug....I admire your spunk! You can tackle making a wooden arch and I bet it will be stronger and better quality than any you can buy. Good luck with your plans and in the meantime, pleased to know you've been able to patch and fix your own arch, with your neighbour's arch.

13 Nov, 2010


thanks all,chris

14 Nov, 2010

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