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sing along"theres a rat in mah kitchen"


or in my bed,funny thing happened today as i took a photo today of my poppy as im worried its flowering at the wrong time of year and thought im going to ask all these nice people what to do as i dont want it to die,

soooo im sat at the computer which is in my bedroom downloading my pic(which by the way is faster now)and noticed my pup penny has yet again put her toys on my bed plus any food she likes to hide now,im a bit short sighted and seeing a gray TOY on the bed and knowing she sneaks into the teens room and steals her stuff i had better put it back,and proceeded to scream the house down as there was a bloody massive dead rat on my bed,so was it a prezzie or a warning from the cat/dog mafia we shall never know,still love her tho

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Pets like to bring their kills to their owners as presents to show how much they love you.

I would prefer a hug fro the pet or a card with a £10 note inside.


5 Nov, 2010


LOL ! sorry for laughing but I thought it was funny :o))
My cats have always brought shrews into the house and let them go. I've often been known to chase a shrew around the room in the middle of the night :O

5 Nov, 2010


its not funny Hywel and i wouldnt mind a shrew but a rat,i think suki my burmese killed it she is a big hunter cat, she used to bring in those massive wolf spiders alive and drop them on me,and poor penny brought it in to show me,she is still looking for it poor thing,im kepping an eye on those two,and a tenner would be nice or flowers,chris

5 Nov, 2010


My golden retriever, Otis, often brings me dead things. One afternoon he came over to me with a young rabbit in his mouth. I assumed it was dead and shooed him away - not much of a gift for a vegetarian! He wouldn't leave me alone and finally dropped the rabbit, still alive, in front of me. His "presents" never have a mark on them; I think he just carries them around until they get stressed out and die. He generally leaves his little offerings next to the gate to the turtle pen, where he knows I'll find them.
Once, I noticed several of the cats hovering about an empty cardboard box in the living room. I ignored them, but finally my curiosity got the better of me when I realized they were fascinated with the box. I picked it up and there was a live snake underneath it.

5 Nov, 2010


I still think it's funny :o))

5 Nov, 2010


do you think its love or a wicked sense of humour to see what we do

6 Nov, 2010


Probably a bit of both :o)

6 Nov, 2010


Gosh I would have had a fit,lol, we do get presents on the doorsteps and patio and have had live ones delivered, our big tom Harry talks as he`s walking up the path, its a horrible noise but it gives us warning to close doors and windows.....

6 Nov, 2010


now i would like to hear harry talk lol

6 Nov, 2010

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