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morning frosts


I know a lot of you dont like the winter months,but i do ,i love the changeing of the seasons,the crispy mornings when you can smell winter comeing,hot soup in mugs and warm mittens,log fires and the red of leaves on trees and then the first snows when if your out in the country it is so silent you can hear the world breath,then the exitment of who will see the first snowdrop and daffodills,and then it starts all over again,dont you just love it,christine

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A wholehearted YES! I love to see animal tracks in the snow as it's often the only evidence that they are around.

20 Oct, 2010


Difficult to argue with that Ladybug. Know what you mean about it being so quiet.

20 Oct, 2010


I'm the same as you :o) except that I'm not keen on snow lol - but we don't usually get too much of that here I'm glad to say.

20 Oct, 2010


I do look forward to the promise of spring but if it's a harsh winter it isn't a lot of fun in the city. It was a good time when I was much younger and living in the country....we could get holed up for many days and the stillness/quiet is most enjoyable (as long as it doesn't go on for too

It looks from the new blogs this morning that frost and snow is arriving in some parts. I'm hoping it keeps its distance! :)

20 Oct, 2010


yes i love it not one for really hot weather i'm afraid i'd rather be cold than hot!! love the leaves turning and the Autumn colours, snow crunching under your feet frost patterns on the windows :o)

20 Oct, 2010


I hate it with a passion... now I'm old I do prefer cooler weather, definitely, but around 70 degrees, not lower! It's dark so much more than its light, its too quiet, if it snows I can't drive, oh for goodness sake, the only benefit is that it provides a great contrast, making me appreciate returning life in Spring with a great lift of the heart... probably about as great as it sinks when the clocks go back. Biggest celebration around Christmas as far as I'm concerned is the 22nd, when at last, the days get longer by 2 minutes every day...

20 Oct, 2010


what can i say bamboo,i will probably be the same as well as i age,i am hopeing tho that the snow is not as deep(four foot)this year or as long as spring did not seem to come til june,chris

21 Oct, 2010


Four foot of snow, Ladybug!! That sounds like you should be living in the northern reaches of Canada!

I missed all the bad weather of winter last year as I was safely tucked up in our local hospital for near on 4 months, oblivious to the chaos on the roads outside. It is a big question mark whether or not it will be a harsh winter this year...we can only hope it will be mild....have to take what comes though. :(

For today....the sun is out (after some rain showers) so a bit less cold than yesterday.

21 Oct, 2010


Bloomin' freezing here this morning - thick white frost on the roof next door and on the field opposite. Not supposed to be so cold by the end of the day though.

21 Oct, 2010

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